We’re thrilled to have you join us in our journey. We are a collective rescue across the United States with a home base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our focus is to help as many sphynx and pitbulls (and similar breeds!) as we can. We know that with each animal that we save…we’ve made a difference.

While our huge network spans across the U.S. to save sphynx, our network is much smaller for pitbull rescue because so many of them die in kill shelters in Oklahoma. Because so few sphynx ever come in to shelters in Oklahoma, we elected to extend our efforts to include the rest of the United States and even Canada, as needed.

Our rescue focuses just as much on helping these breeds as it does on educating the public. All members of Bald and Bully, Inc. whether a board member or a foster home have been touched by one (or both) of these breeds. We are a dedicated group of people with one thing on our minds: Save as many lives as we can! We know that animals that wind up in shelters have less than a 10% chance of making it in to a forever home. We do everything in our power to make sure that once a pet is in our rescue that they will never again wind up in a shelter.

All of our rescue animals are vaccinated, microchipped (and registered before adoption both to the new owner AND back to Bald and Bully, Inc.) and a clause is placed in our adoption agreement that Bald and Bully, Inc. will ALWAYS take back a rescue in the event that the adoptive parents cannot keep the pet. In the Sphynx breed, we do everything in our power to ensure that each cat is HCM scanned and the new owner is fully educated on the disease, what to watch out for, emergency signs and symptoms and ALL sphynx that meet the criteria donate back to Dr. Kate Meurs to further HCM research in this breed. We are fiercely dedicating to eradicating this disease from one of the best breeds of cat that ever existed.